Gaelic Football Leagues Around The World

Gaelic football is one of the most commonly found games of football. This form is actually derived from the traditional Irish ball games. It is played mainly in Ireland but nowadays it is gaining a lot of popularity outside Ireland as well and many clubs and teams are participating in it. The Gaelic football leagues can be found around the world nowadays. It is an interesting game which is quite similar to that of football and rugby but has some major changes that make this game unique.

What Is This Game All About?

The Gaelic football is mainly played between two teams and each team has 15 players on their side. It is played on a rectangular grass pitch. The main objective of this game is to score points by punching or kicking the ball to the goal of other team. For this, the team score 3 points and also this point depends on certain factors. It is played with a spherical leather ball and advance to each other’s goal. One team attack and another team defend. Attacking and defending of both the team goes on simultaneously. This game is controlled by GAA or Gaelic Athletic Association.

Gaelic Football Leagues

The Gaelic football league Ireland is played every year and all the 32 teams participate in this game. These are 31 teams from Ireland and 1 is London. They are the first one to start this league games and now it is played all over the world. There are many countries who are joining this game and making up a team or division to play the league games and tournaments. It is gaining a lot of popularity these days and also many countries are joining it. In a league tournament, there are 4 divisions in total and each division has 8 teams in it.

For winning the matches 2 points are awarded and 1 point for the draw. Two teams from each division get qualified for quarter finals and other two teams get relegated. Like this the game goes on and finally after the quarter finals and semi finals two teams qualify for the final. The team that wins the final won the title of Gaelic football league champions for that year. There is a tie breaker system for the two teams who are with same points. Thus, it is an overall interesting and exciting tournament which has some nail biting face offs and finishes.


This is a game of entertainment, excitement as well as some really great show of skills and games. The best part of this game is that it is so lively and every time you will watch it is full of excitement. It is almost like normal football game which is interesting in every second. Each and every move the players make is really vital and the game can also change at point of time. It is a great game and there are many people who wait eagerly for the Gaelic football leagues around the world. These league tournaments are the best part of this game.

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